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most recent 30 projects

You Are Here 0.2

Can contemplating the journey of our breath around the world help to connect us with the world itself?

Coastal Strip

A #stayathome exercise project: cycle every street in my suburb and surrounds – 800 in total.


birds, politics and people in the forest with cutting edge solar


What does electricity sound like?

Tone Camerata : Gestures

Visual projections for the first performance of Gestures by emerging music ensemble Tone Camerata


Distracted by our consumption of the latest gadget or television show, we are losing sight of the reality of what is around us

Every Breath – an exhibition on the importance of air

An exhibition on the importance of air.

Catch Your Breath

Our breath is formless and invisible — lost to us once exhaled — unless it is enveloped and given shape with a balloon, a soap film or water.

Off Grid

An art-science collaboration addressing the politics of renewable energy

Life Support System

Life Support System presents a model of the interactions between the three global systems that dominate our world.

Australia warming – temperature rise since 1910

Not an art project. A data visualisation.


Faced with the possibility of your destruction, how would you react? Fight? Flight? Denial?


arbitrary boundaries of responsibility and consequence

Melting Point

Visualising Australia’s fossil fuel export activity.


underbelly, noun (pl. underbellies) 1. an area vulnerable to attack; 2. a hidden, unpleasant or criminal part of society.

Earth 2.0

NASA has discovered a planet, dubbed Earth 2.0, many light years from our world. What might it be like once we inhabit it?

Abbott explains coalition forestry policy

explains it … to the trees and slowly, so they can understand.

Party On

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

The Bell Buoy

“By the gates of doom I sing, On the horns of death I ride.” – Kipling

underbelly installation no.1

What would it be like to visit the underside of a melting Antarctic glacier?

Body Knowledge

Video projections on city buildings inspired by the science of life

Thicker than water

If these walls could speak

Celestial Bodies

Reimagining the science of life

Nurture Nature

nature or nurture ?


Visualising connections between strangers


Reactivation of a drama theatre as an interactive space

Signal Station

signalling shipping activity in the port of Newcastle

A YouTube clarification: Abbott speaks

A YouTube translation


Complete the sentence: “Canaries in the ….”

Shipping Forecast

Climate change “it’s all okay”.

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