Body Knowledge is a building facade projection series celebrating medical research in Newcastle and created as part of the City Evolutions project – a joint initiative between Newcastle City Council and the University of Newcastle as part of the East Newcastle revitalisation strategy.

A total of 13 videos were created by 6 artists; some being adaptations of imagery taken directly from Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) research; others were original artworks inspired by the key HMRI research areas and the science of life itself. The exhibition was initially planned to run from the start of November to the end of December 2014 at 9 locations in Watt Street; however, persistent technical difficulties with many of the projectors resulted in only 4 of the artworks being presented on 3 projectors for any significant length of time.

Project details:

Curators: Andrew Styan and Gillean Shaw

Contributing artists: Lee Dedman, James Rhodes, Kris Smith, Lauren Summerhayes, Kylie Harris and Andrew Styan

Contributing HMRI medical researchers: Andrew Bivard, Heather Pagram, Gough Au, Roger Smith, Mohammad Imtiaz, Rosemary Goodenough, Jennette Sakoff and participants in the HMRI Through the Lens competitions.

Related artworks (by Andrew Styan): Nurture Nature, Celestial Bodies and Thicker Than Water

Exhibition Catalogue:

Thicker than water, Andrew Styan, on the Lock-Up Gallery


Catch me if you can, Lauren Summerhayes, on the Westpac Bank building


Pulse, James Rhodes, on the United Services Club


Nurture nature, Andrew Styan, on the Westpac Bank building