Our breath is formless and invisible — lost to us once exhaled — unless it is enveloped and given shape with a balloon, a soap film or water.

Catch Your Breath is an experience where the visitor captures their own breath as a bubble in a tank of water using high-speed flash photography.

Exhibited at the Every Breath exhibition, The Lock-Up gallery, Newcastle, December 2016 to January 2017, where around 2000 visitors blew a total of almost 5000 unique and beautiful bubbles.

Catch Your Breath has been enhanced for the Experimenta Make Sense International Triennial of Media Art tour and now has the ability to ‘share’ breaths online and to build an archive of the collective breath of an expected 20,000 participants over the course of the 3-year tour. Shared breaths can be seen at catch-your-breath.com.

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