Faced with the possibility of your own destruction, how would you react? Fight or Flight? Denial or resigned acceptance?

The present debate over how to address climate change does not involve the science of climate change. The science was settled 25 years ago. Overarching the politics, ideology and economics our fate now turns on our own collective and individual psychology.


Melancholia from Andrew Styan on Vimeo. [note: the documentation video is a poor representation of the actual work]

Developed from the NASA simulation video of global carbon dioxide emissions (2006) presented in the work Hemispheres and projected onto a ‘garage sale’ 75cm x 75cm landscape painting (unattributed).

Reviewed by Jill Stowell: “Andrew Styan’s ingenious addition of a projected heavenly body inserted into a banal op-shop landscape is instant thought-provoking surrealism.”