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Dawn on Redhead Beach

Got up at 5 am on Tuesday to try out my new streaky cloud technique on Redhead Beach. Heavy clouds with light shining through as the sun rose, but they were moving too slowly to make effective streaks so I resorted to just capturing the beauty of the scene.  The image with the light reflecting from the sand is reminiscent of some of the marvellous images of Murray Fredericks and if you didn’t see his Salt exhibit at Lake Macquarie Gallery then you should, its on again soon in Sydney – details and an image gallery here.

Darn those waves, wet shoes again.

The Snowy River

Snowy River campsite at McKillops Bridge

A night camping in the remote centre of the Snowy Mountain National Park.  The road in is described as one of the most precarious in Victoria; a fair assessment!  The campsite was at McKillops Bridge, which is a great spot and I shared it with only 2 other campers.

Snowy River campsite at McKillops Bridge

Under the stars, and maybe a few dead branches.

A chance to practice my newly gained streaky cloud skill at sunset:

McKillops Bridge on the Snowy River

McKillops Bridge

Lots of interesting potholes in the riverbed.

Snowy River potholes

Four seasons in one day

Well at least three seasons; started bitterly cold and gusty at 5am, then reached 27C, before a storm arrived late afternoon.

A couple of postcard images first:

This is at dawn looking east.

This is 3 images combined; a long exposure to smooth out the water, another for the sky and another for the foreground and rocks.

Looking west 5 minutes later.

And I think this one captures the scale of the cliffs as they recede in the distance, note the seagulls.

I was at the Bay of Islands when the storm arrived. Dramatic sky but I couldn’t get close enough to the cliff edge to put water in the foreground (damn those safety rails and my conscience) so the shot is a bit unbalanced towards the sky.

Bay of Islands, Voctoria

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