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Coastal Strip becomes part of the Lake Macquarie cultural collection

I’m excited to announce that Coastal Strip, my animated lockdown cycling map, has been acquired by the Museum of Art and Culture and will become part of the permanent Lake Macquarie cultural collection.

Surreal… almost

An image of Life Support System has been featured as the frontispiece for the book Australian Art Exhibitions: Opening our Eyes, exploring contemporary exhibition practices in Australia. The cute kids in the foreground may have had something to do with it. All credit to Rebecca Carey, the photographer, as well.

I am now officially in an arts book index, after Arthur Streeton and next to surrealism, perhaps appropriately.

STARTS prize !

Excited to announce that the Off Grid project has been awarded a 2018 European Commission STARTS prize in the ‘Nomination’ category.  The award recognises “innovative projects at the interface of science, technology and art”.  Off Grid was completed in 2016. Thirty projects were recognised by the award; the grand prize went to the world’s first 3D printed steel bridge by a team in the Netherlands.

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