In September 2014 the Scottish people answer the referendum question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”.

As an outsider and a visitor to Scotland for 4 months in late 2013 it appeared to me that the public discussion over the pros and cons was solely based on economic grounds. In talking to the people of Scotland it was clear that the real issues run much deeper and touch on patriotism, culture, identity and history. This work takes coins from England and Scotland – symbols of both the economic debate and the union itself – and looks at them more closely for the signs of the human side to the discussion left through the marks of the many citizens of the United Kingdom who have handled them.

Each image is constructed from over one hundred scanning electron microscope images of two 1989 one pound coins – one collected in London, England and the other in Dundee, Scotland. The images were produced with the assistance of the College of Life Sciences, Dundee University.

The images can be examined in detail at



Detail views:

Tails - detail

Heads - detail